North Elba Cemetery

Notice of Construction 


Costs & Fees

Lot Costs (single grave):

  • Resident/Taxpayer                 $400
  • Non-resident/non-Taxpayer     $800

Burial Fees:

  • Summer Burial (May 1st - November 30th)          $500
  • Winter Burial (December 1st - April 30th)             $700
  • Cremated Remains (May 1st-Novemeber 30th)     $250
  • Cremated Remains (December 1st - April 30th)    $450

Burials are permitted 12 months of the year but are discouraged during the winter months. The North Elba Cemetery vault may be used at no charge (until June 15th) when winter burials are not desired.

Contact Information

Please contact the Clerk's Office for cemetery lot availability.