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Welcome to the Town of North Elba, wherein lies the Olympic Village of Lake Placid in the heart of the great Adirondack Park. This website serves as a community resource to guide and assist you.  "Expressions of Our Community" is an image gallery highlighting the work of local photographers and illustrating the natural beauty of this entrancing region. We hope that you will find the information both useful and interesting. 

While we strive to preserve our Olympic heritage, having hosted the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Winter Games, Lake Placid remains committed to offering a quality lifestyle and enjoyable family experience. As residents of this renowned mountain community know, this is truly a beautiful, historical and magical place to live.

The diversity and heritage of this small town brings thousands of visitors each year to explore, relax and enjoy this very special place. Whether you relish a family thrill ride down the Toboggan Chute, behold a world class sporting event, or share a round of golf with friends on our Craig Wood Golf Course, Lake Placid offers an everlasting and memorable experience. 

The Lake Placid/North Elba region: a quiet getaway, a family vacation or an extraordinary adventure for a weekend or a lifetime. . . We look forward to seeing you around town. 


COVID- 19 



November 15, 2020

Dear Citizens of North Elba,

To start I would like to commend American Legion Troop 326 for the outstanding job they do to honor our veterans. Annually, flags are raised and lowered on Memorial Day and Veterans Day in honor of local veterans now deceased, and the lowered flags of honor are presented to proud family members attending the ceremony. These ceremonies are conducted in a strict military manner and solemnly attended by many appreciative residents and guests. In addition, American flags are respectfully placed at all cemeteries to identify the graves of veterans. Thank you to all the veterans of Troop 326 and others throughout the nation for your service to our great nation. 

The predictions of a fall resurgence of COVID – 19 are becoming a reality across the country, including our North Country Region (Dashboard). 

Local Positive COVID-19 Data:


Essex County

North Elba

July 1, 2020



November 15, 2020




I applaud the ongoing 24/7 involvement of the Essex County Health Department, Adirondack Health and other local organizations that are instrumental in testing and tracing to help mitigate the spread of this unseen and worldwide enemy that can infiltrate any business, church, school, organization, etc. 

Testing is still a critical part of keeping the spread low. Visit Adirondack Health for the most up to date hours and locations for testing. 

Schools in adjacent communities have moved to fully remote learning due to students and/or faculty testing positive or high levels of community spread. On Friday, Lake Placid Central School District announced their first positive case in the Middle/High School. As a result changes have been made to the school schedule, including remote learning for all Middle and High School students on Monday. More information is available on the Lake Placid Central School District Facebook page.

Recent Executive Orders No.202.74 have directed all restaurants, bars, liquor stores and wine stores to cease all on premises services and consumption of food and beverages (inside or outside) by 10 p.m.  Gyms and fitness center shall cease operation and close at 10 p.m.

The website allows anonymous complaints of Executive Order regarding COVID-19 protocols by calling 383-789-0470. Your complaint will remain confidential. Townships are notified of the complaint by the County Sherriff’s Department, and then a Notice of Violation is served to the responsible person or business by the Police or Building Code’s office. 

We all are anxiously awaiting and praying for a vaccination that will help defeat this health threat. Reports are encouraging that this is not too far down the road. However, until then it is vital that we follow the protocols and directives put forth in Governor Cuomo’s Executive Orders including the everyday basics that we are so accustomed to hearing - wear masks when within 6’ of others, wash hands often, avoid crowds, etc. 

Early this week, a harmful algal bloom was discovered by a concerned citizen on Mirror Lake. The bloom was reported immediately to the Mirror Lake Watershed Association, and qualified volunteers took quick action to have the sample analyzed at the Adirondack Watershed Institute lab. It was later confirmed to be a species of cyanobacteria which could produce cyanotoxins which can be harmful Algal. The Department of Environmental Conservation also confirmed AWI’s findings and added it to the state database. It is possible that the warm temperatures contributed to the situation. Lake George reported a similar problem.

The most recent report received today from Dr. Brendan Wiltse of AWI states: “I did a survey of the entire lake yesterday afternoon for signs of the bloom. I did not observe anything of concern. The bloom is likely behind us, but folks should continue to keep an eye out, avoid contact with anything that is suspicious.” 

We are very fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and dedicated group of volunteers such as Dr. Wiltse and the Mirror Lake Water Association looking out for our precious natural resources.

On the positive side of things, Governor Cuomo announced that ski resorts are allowed to reopen with 50% indoor capacity. Masks will be required when not eating, drinking or skiing. Lifts will be restricted to members of the same party, and thorough cleaning and disinfection of rented equipment is required along with other health and safety protocols. Ski lessons will be limited to groups of 10, and the outdoor capacity on the mountain will be reduced by 25% during peak days or with lowered number of open trails.

Last week I had the good fortune of being taken on a tour of the base area at Whiteface Mountain by general manager, Aaron Kellett. Final touches were being put on the new Pump House 1 adjacent to the Ausable River, which is where water is withdrawn for snowmaking. Four new 2000 g.p.m. pumps were installed. A revised intake to reduce river debris was part of the new structure. 

I was given a tour of the Bear Den Area where a new lift is being installed. A magic carpet at the loading area will be a great asset to assist young beginner skiers and adults to load safely. This coupled with the new lodge completed last year will be a fantastic asset for Whiteface. Also, in progress is a new mid station lodge. Due to the snowstorm the preceding evening I had to delay that tour.

Kudos to the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) and their staff for all their efforts in keeping our Olympic venues in top condition for recreational and competitive purposes during this very challenging time.

The Essex County Board of Elections and all of the participating volunteers and staff must be recognized for the well-run town voting stations throughout Essex County. This was in spite of a snowstorm the prior evening that totaled at least a foot of snow in North Elba. Record numbers of citizens voted prior to or on election day. A well-deserved Congratulations to the Essex County Board of Elections.

Although we have made it through the summer and fall to date with very low positive COVID-19 cases in comparison with other areas – don’t let your guard down, and as the Moose signage states when entering town from whatever direction “wear masks & social distance.”  Remember many waves throughout the US and World are occurring once again.

The Thanksgiving Holiday is Thursday November 26, on behalf of the North Elba Town Board, I wish you a very happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving Day. Celebrate small (less than 10 people in private residences) and celebrate safe. 

Additional information and daily postings may be found on the Town of North Elba Website, the Town of North Elba Facebook page, the Lake Placid Village Facebook page and Friends of Jay Rand Facebook page.

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