Town Court

The scheduled sessions of the Town of North Elba and Village of Lake Placid Court are suspended until August 1, 2020.

If you have a scheduled appearance or were otherwise directed to attend court during this period you will not be penalized for your absence.

If you have any questions regarding your rescheduled appearance date you should call your attorney.  If you do not have any attorney you should call the Town Court Clerk at 518-523-2141 or the Village Court Clerk at 518-523-2597.


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Clerk Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8:30 am to 3:30 pm, closed holidays

Jennifer Hayes - Court Clerk
Office phone: (518) 523-2141

Court Hours

Tuesdays, 1:00pm

Presiding Justices

Hon. Dean Dietrich
Hon. Alex Friedmann

Further Information

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