Short-Term Rental Program



While the Building Department is not accepting STR Permit Applications, here is an outline of information that will be required when the Host Compliance portal is operational.

The application, documentation and payment will be submitted ELECTRONICALLY.

This list is intended to provide a guide for information gathering so that the online application is easier to complete. 


       Application Basics

  • Designate type of short term rental you are operating (click here for a list of STR types)
  • Property details
  • Ownership Interest information
  • Site Plan
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Septic Inspection Report (if applicable)
  • County Bed Tax Registration Information
  • Chimney Clean-out Report
  • Copy of Property Deed to show proof of ownership (click here to access Essex County Clerk's request site)

       Application Basics Information

  • Name of Property Owner
  • Address and Tax Map Number of the Short Term Rental Property
  • Number of full and 1/2 baths
  • Number of on-site parking spaces
  • Type of Rental (click here for list of STR types)
  • Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number and Email of each person that has an ownership interest in the short-term rental property

       Site Plan

       The short-term rental site plan is intended to provide a visual of the property. It can be drawn by the short-term rental

       property owner and would need to contain the following information.

  • House footprint including porches, decks and patios
  • Location of driveway and parking (pavement or stone only--no lawn parking permitted by law)
  • Location and dimensions of legal parking spots (minimum 9' x 20')
  • Depiction of other pertinent improvements (i.e. hydrants, fences, walls, edge of roadway, edge of waterbody, etc.)


  • if private, show well location
  • if public, show valve and approximate entry into the dwelling


  • if private, show location of septic tank and field
  • if public, show approximate entry into dwelling


  • if above ground, show connecting pole and weather head at the dwelling
  • if below grade, show approximate entry into dwelling


  • Name of property owner
  • Address of parcel
  • Tax map number of parcel
  • Minimum map size of 11"x17" (unless all fits on 8.5" x 11" and is easily readable)
  • Maximum scale is 1" on map=50' on property
  • Name and address of preparer
  • Date prepared


The short-term rental law requires that a designated representative/contact person be reachable 24/7 who is within a 60-minute drive. The emergency contact must be on-call at all times to manage the rental property during any period within which the rental is occupied. This person may be the owner as long as those criteria are met.


If the short-term rental has private sanitary utility, then a septic inspection report is required by law. This form must be completed by the party who conducted the inspection.


Essex County requires that a bed tax be paid for each bed in the short-term rental property. Access the Essex County Bed Tax Registration form here.


If the short-term rental property has a chimney, then a cleaning inspection is required by law. This form must be completed by the party who conducted the cleaning inspection.


The short-term rental property owner is required to submit a copy of the recorded deed in order to demonstrate proof of ownership. If you think you need a copy of your deed, please contact the Essex County Real Property Office (click here)


Map of Planning Districts--Village Vicinity

Map of Planning Districts-Town of North Elba

Town of North Elba Local Law Submission to New York State Department of State

Village of Lake Placid Local Law Submission to New York State Department of State