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Office Phone:  (518) 523-9518
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James E. Morganson, Interim Building Inspector
NYS Registration No.: 0389-7253B

Michael Orticelle, Building Inspector Trainee




The Town of North Elba and Village of Lake Placid are seeking candidates to serve on community zoning and planning boards.

If you have the knowledge, skills and experience and want to get involved in helping make a difference for Lake Placid please contact Darci LaFave at or 518-523-9518.

Department of State, Division of Code Enforcement & Administration

Part 1201 Uniform Code:  Procedure for Certain Classes of Buildings

Code Regulations for the Town of North Elba/Village of Lake Placid.
Effective Date:  January 1, 2011


Darci LaFave, Codes and Planning Coordinator

Britt Isham, Building and Planning Clerk

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     Monday through Friday        
     9:00 am - 12:00 pm     JRB 5:30 pm
     1:00 pm - 5:00 pm     ZBA   5:30 pm


Building Department

The Town of North Elba Building Department has many functions which include the receipt and review of applications for building and electrical permits; review of related plans; issuance of permits; and conduct of related field inspections.  The inspections ensure that the work being performed is in compliance with the current building codes and Town regulations. 

The Building Department provides the issuance of the following permits per New York State Building Code:

  1. Building Permits - issued for the construction of new residential construction, new commercial construction, additions, alterations, renovations, sheds, decks, pools, roofing, siding, garages, fences, satellite dishes, etc.
  2. Electrical Permits - issued for the installation of wiring systems in new buildings, new additions, electric heat, service changes/upgrades, etc.
  3. New Electrical - service changes/upgrades, etc.
  4. Certificates of Occupancy - issued upon completion of new construction and major renovations.
  5. Certificate of Compliance for Equipment

Building Department Forms & Information

Building Permit Application
Demolition Permit Application
Electrical Sign off
Foundation Application
Highway Work Permit
Inspection Checklist
Other Permit Fees
Building Permit Fees (Effective February 1, 2014)
Square Footage Worksheet for Building Permit Application
Town of North Elba Noise Ordinance--Exerpt from Local Law No. 4 of 1999
Truss Information

Codes & Zoning Services

The Planning Department includes the Joint Review Board and Zoning Board of Appeals.

Darci LaFave, as Codes and Planning coordinator, acts as a liason between the Applicant and the Joint Review Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Joint Review Board

The administrative body charged with responsibility for reviewing, approving, conditioning, or denying applications for a specific type of land use such as conditional use permit, or site plan or subdivision approval.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Under state statutes, a zoning board of appeals must be formed when a local legislature adopts its zoning law. The essential function of the zoning board of appeals is to grant variances. In this capacity it protects landowners from the unfair application of the laws in particular circumstances. The zoning board of appeals also hears appeals from the decisions of the zoning enforcement officer or building inspector when interpretations of the zoning ordinance are involved.

Zoning and Land Use Forms & Information

Application for Minor Subdivision
Application to Joint Review Board
Area Variance
Guide for Minor Projects--Stormwater Management
Interpretation Variance Application
Sign Permit Application
Stormwater Management Ordinance
Use Variance Application
Zoning Board of Appeals Application