The Finance Department is responsible for the maintenance of all fiscal and budget records and human resources pertaining to the operations of the Town.  Areas of responsibility include general accounting, treasury functions, the preparation of the Annual Update Document for the State Comptroller, preparation of financial reports for management, payment of all Town obligations, capital project management, payroll processing, personnel administration, budget preparation and final budget document for submission to the Town Clerk and Essex County, employee benefits adminstration, risk management and liability and property insurance management.

Contact Information

Catherine Edman - Budget Officer/Human Resource Coordinator
Phone: (518) 523-9517
Fax: (518) 523-2599

Rose Van Wormer - Account Clerk, Safety Coordinator, Notary Public
Phone: (518) 523-9516 ext. 117
Fax: (518) 523-2599

Office Hours

8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday


Room 309


 Town of North Elba Lake Placid Airport Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Program Policy Statement - posted June 11, 2020


Town of North Elba Audited Financial Statements:

2020 Audited Program Specific Statement (Airport Grants)

2014 Audited Financial Statements

2012 Audited Financial Statements

2012 NYSDOT Single Audit Report


Town of North Elba Financials as filed with the
NYS Office of the State Comptroller:

2021 Annual Update Document  2021 Notes to the Annual Update Document
2020 Annual Update Document with Notes  
2019 Annual Update Document with Notes  
2018 Annual Update Document 2018 Notes to the Financial Statements
2017 Annual Update Document 2017 Notes to the Financial Statements
2016 Annual Update Document 2016 Notes to the Financial Statements
2015 Annual Update Document 2015 Notes to the Financial Statements
2014 Annual Update Document 2014 Notes to the Financial Statements
2013 Annual Update Document 2013 Notes to the Financial Statements
2012 Annual Update Document 2012 Notes to the Financial Statements
2011 Annual Update Document 2011 Notes to the Financial Statements
2010 Annual Update Document 2010 Notes to the Financial Statements
2009 Annual Update Document 2009 Notes to the Financial Statements
2008 Annual Update Document 2008 Notes to the Financial Statements

Town of North Elba Budget FAQ:

Q: When do you start working on the Town Budget?
A: The Budget process begins in September with work sessions for the Town Board beginning in October.
Q: When is the Budget approved?
A: The Budget must be adopted by November 20.
Q: Can I see the Budget before it is approved?
A: The tentative Budget is available at the Town Clerk's Office on October 1.
Q: How can I voice my concerns about the tentative Budget?
A: There is a Public Hearing prior to the adoption of the Budget.
Q: Who approves the Budget?
A: The Budget is voted for adoption by the Town Board at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting after the Public hearing.
After Board approval the Budget becomes adopted for the following year.
Q: What is the Town's Fiscal Year?
A: The Town of North Elba uses the calendar year, January - December as the Fiscal year.
Q: Can I see this years Budget?
A: The Town Budget may be viewed at the Town Clerks Office. 2022 Budget 2021 Budget 2020 Budget 2019 Budget 2018 Budget 2017 Budget 2016 Budget 2015 Budget  2014 Budget  2013 Budget 2012 Budget 2011 Budget2010 Budget 2009 Budget 2008 Budget

Should you have any other questions please contact us.